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A one-man,
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I’m Jon Way. I'm a freelance Art Director/Designer with 10+ years of practical experience who has also been continually expanding upon my photography in the background. My design work has an intent focus on details with a systematic approach that strives to not feel predictable while offering tangible business solutions– resulting in several SOTDs and a SOTY awards. I have spent the bulk of my career as a digital designer, but have experience in most all facets of design. And while I have spent the bulk of my career in e-commerce, I have experience and interests in branching out to all forms of design.

To this point, I've been using my photography as an unadulterated form of creative expression to supplement my work as a designer. True to my personality, it's also meant as a way to expression my perspective of the world as a passive observer– not outwardly injecting myself into situations, and independent of exterior input. As a big part of capturing these moments, I strive to recreate the feeling of being in those moments by prioritizing emotion over information. I don't have a roadmap for my photography yet, but I hope to find ways to commercialize it (without commoditizing it) for it to become more of a focus and a self-sustained activity.


Jonway Studio LLC

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(10/29/19) Life happened, and now traveling, will fix all the broken shit by Dec. 1