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A One-man
design + Photo Studio.
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JW.S Overview
A one-man,
design +
photo studio
based out of
Los Angeles.
Los Angeles.
(Design intro)
I've been working within the interactive design space for ~10+ years, and have remained hands-on throughout. My approach to design is to work with a systematic attention to details while not feeling predictable to ultimately provide tangible business solutions– resulting in several SOTDs and SOTY awards along the way. While I have spent the bulk of my career as a digital designer, I have experience in most all facets of design, and have a strong desire to continually explore. I don't ever see an end to the learning and growth as a designer– I will continue to try new forms of design, or perpetually refine the areas I already have experience in.
(Photo intro)
To this point, photography has bene an unadulterated form of creative expression to supplement my work as a designer. I strive to recreate the feeling of being in those moments by prioritizing emotion over information in the way I shoot and subsequently edit. I don't have a roadmap for my photography yet, but I hope to find ways to commercialize it (without commoditizing it) for it to become more of a focus and a self-sustained activity. I currently offer my work as prints and licensing, while making it more accessible via projects like the JW.S® Screensaver and JW.S® TV app. Long story short, I don't quite have a firm path for my photography, know I want it to be a bigger part of my life, and am open to various paths.
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Let's Talk
design ± photo
As of May '20, I appear to be booked for the year. While true, it's also true these are strange times, and   things are also prone to change... so please feel free to reach out regardless. I'm always keen to connect even if the timing isn't quite right.