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Im not a developer... but here we are. bare with me, I'm using this opportunity to test / refine / push / (and break) things to hopefully make them better.

Trying to finish this week, but i'm done putting timelines on this, but its getting close.

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A one-man multi-disciplinary design + photo studio (primarily) based out of Los Angeles.
10+ Years as an interactive Designer. 15+ Years as a Wannabe photographer.
I’m Jon Way. I'm a freelance Art Director/Designer with 10+ years of practical experience who has also been continually expanding upon my photography in the background. My design work has an intent focus on details with a systematic approach that strives to not feel predictable while offering tangible business solutions– resulting in several SOTDs and a SOTY awards. I have spent the bulk of my career as a digital designer, but have experience in most all facets of design.

As a photographer, I've been using it as an unadulterated form of creative expression to supplement my work as a designer. True to my personality, it's also meant as a way to expression my perspective of the world as a passive observer– not outwardly injecting myself into situations, but merely observing them. As a big part of capturing these moments, I strive to recreate the feeling of being in those moments by prioritizing emotion over information. I don't have a roadmap for my photography yet, but I hope to find ways to commercialize it (without commoditizing it) for it to become more of a focus and a self-sustained activity.
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November '19
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