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My work as an independent Creative Director + Designer
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A divergent stream of my creative consciousness.
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A divergent stream of creative consciousness.
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A divergent stream of my creative Consciousness.
Hopefully chronicling some sort of meaningful creative change / progression over time.
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Announcing the release of the inaugural release of a collaboration between JW.S and Memento Apparel with 3 unique designs.
I'm stoked to announce that I will be repped by Stills.com for all image licensing going forward.
Welp, that makes 4 for 4. JW.S (2023) takes a SOTD award which... aint bad for doin this thing all myself.
Introducing Night Calls, another original JW.S playlist. I'm gonna show you where it's dark, but have no fear.
In this dump.. more black and white explorations, and more app content.
Been busy with lots of stuff, including trying to make weight.
I get a lot of feedback that I don't have much in the way of branding, and a little too serious and a bit too edgy. Let's change that.
In this dump.. trying to get some videos online. It's kind of a PIA to do all the exporting, n what not.. but we out here.
A new modern display font, with a stepped characteristics to the caps. Launching with regular weight (standard + italics), with light, bold and black weights in development.
A new, purpose-built playlist for some low-key vibes across a couple genres.
While continuing R + D for a new preset, it ended up creating an image I felt compelled to immediately make available as a print.
In what I hope to be the first of many, this is the debut of the Delta Data Dump.
This very site you are reading these very words on.. is also on awwwards for SOTD voting.
As you might have noticed, there's a new pre-loader in town. It's still WIP, don't worry.,
After being buried by this site for 5 months... I've peaked my head out from under my rock and currently booking new work.
Doing some additional explorations around a new tool to help create some tools that add some vintage feels.
Clearly everyone comin here didn't get the memo or something, so I did some clean up for the XL viewport.
Doing some R + D for color grading in Figma, since that's a great idea... (?)
The amount of metadata going into this site's content is getting kind of wild. If this is what the zuck is spending billions on.. not worth.
For better or worse, my new site is live in what is hopefully it's most beta form.
I finally launched my first product via kickstarter– a deck of premium playing cards, combining Midjourney's take on Japanese Ukiyo-e style art with modern design, to tell the story of hangyaku samurai.
Been chipping away at the type spec as I have time between other projects. I've made peace with the fact that its going to be slow going, but I'm happy to leverage MidJourney for some additional spice.
I still don't know what it all means for the creative work flow, but I've been exploring some of my favorite subject matters (a penchant for skulls and gold.. yea, I dunno either). Bringing into PS for some touch-up/compositing...
Like a lot of other people, I'm on the Mid Journey bandwagon. I think this is going to change a LOT about creative work-flows, licensing images, concept art... Yea, its cool but also pretty worrisome what it's able to do.
Stay Tuned
Stay Tuned
Stay Tuned
Stay Tuned
Stay Tuned
Stay Tuned
Stay Tuned
Stay Tuned
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From all the times ive been wandering around with my camera. Doing my best to capture and convey emotion over information.
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