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× Title
The Lab
× Description
Works in progress, experiments.. anything not final. But is anything ever final?
× Published
6.3.23 10:30 pm
× Last Updated
3.6.2023 8:22 PM
The Lab
Works in progress, experiments.. anything not final. But is anything ever final?
The Lab
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As you might have noticed, there's a new pre-loader in town. It's still WIP, don't worry.,
Doing some R + D for color grading in Figma, since that's a great idea... (?)
Been chipping away at the type spec as I have time between other projects. I've made peace with the fact that its going to be slow going, but I'm happy to leverage MidJourney for some additional spice.
I still don't know what it all means for the creative work flow, but I've been exploring some of my favorite subject matters (a penchant for skulls and gold.. yea, I dunno either). Bringing into PS for some touch-up/compositing...
I've been going down the rabbit-hole of technical line workings for DANC. Everything about the brand and the world it occupies is technical, so it seems like a miss to not bring that into the design language.
Still going on the font spec, and exploring some more expressive/abstract applications of it.
Diving back into Davinci Resolve to grade some old footage of Dan shaping for DANC. Camera settings aren't ideal, but should be useable still.
I'm working through some designs to get photo + design co-habitating. This first pass is for easy behance case studies, but more developed versions down the road for my photo site (hopefully coming by end of year).
I've been making a push to increase performance on my site, AND trying to make Delta more robust... it didn't go well... all day. There's a million 403 errors on this page right now.. sooo.. sorry? Hoping to get it sorted out soon.
Early in the project with Ari, I took a look at some more editorial approaches– here's one of them.
Taking a bit of time to acclimated to the more expressive side of After Effects– it's usually been more UI animation. This is fun.
Since a passion-project collab got scrapped, I've started working to salvage my work and repurpose it for some productive concept work. I've started live-streaming some of the process.
Learning blender for new mock-ups.
This morning I felt like dusting off after effects for the first time in a while to do a rough prototype of various states of the 🕹 nav with Ari. Included are initial ideas for pre-load, auto-hide, drag, click nav, zoom drag, and zoom clic
Working through some states/explorations for the upcoming media site with Mr. Ari.