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New JW.S releases + personal updates.. whatever they might be.
× Published
6.3.23 10:30 pm
× Last Updated
3.6.2023 8:29 PM
New JW.S releases + personal updates.. whatever they might be.
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Welp, that makes 4 for 4. JW.S (2023) takes a SOTD award which... aint bad for doin this thing all myself.
Introducing Night Calls, another original JW.S playlist. I'm gonna show you where it's dark, but have no fear.
This very site you are reading these very words on.. is also on awwwards for SOTD voting.
After being buried by this site for 5 months... I've peaked my head out from under my rock and currently booking new work.
The amount of metadata going into this site's content is getting kind of wild. If this is what the zuck is spending billions on.. not worth.
For better or worse, my new site is live in what is hopefully it's most beta form.
I finally launched my first product via kickstarter– a deck of premium playing cards, combining Midjourney's take on Japanese Ukiyo-e style art with modern design, to tell the story of hangyaku samurai.
Work continues on the JW.Sans type spec... it will get done
Further developing the branding for a business partnership with DANC Surfboards Inc. Lots more to come soon.
For what it's worth, Ive been nominated 3x time for the Awwwards annual awards: Independent of the year, Site of the year, and Mobile SOTY. Im grateful, but 2021 is just the set-up– 2022 is hopefully gonna be another level up.
After a lot of work, the JW.S Store is now live. There's still some bugs, missing content and layout issues to sort out.. but its there and it works. More products soon to follow :)
A collection of images from a week spent roaming around NYC.
This was my first attempt at doing any sort of reel... and I'm not in a rush to do another one. Really fun putting everything together and seeing it all come to life, but what a struggle. Original content, and original soundtrack. Enjoy :)
It keeps growing in scope as Im animating old static comps for the first time... and I took on client work in the interim. I'm going to start pushing out clips from the reel soon, and post the final thing in a few weeks :)
I've been diving in and working on my first ever 'reel', and its coming along... albeit slowly. Original music, and trying to efficiently convey all the stuff I do. Client work this week, releasing next week :)
I've had some people ask about photo prints, and I wanted say that they will be back soon. I have to do some test-printing... or buy my own printer. With 'softer' contrast images, it's important to get the prints right. Stay tuned :)
I haven't had too much time to update this lately... I got sucked into cleaning up the site (again). Ahead of launch, there were some regrettable dev decisions made, and I'm finally cleaning them up. Some time off now too, and then back at
Hoooly shit, Ari and I won SOTM for June on Awwwards for the site he developed and I designed. Thank you everyone who voted/supported us, we aint doing this without you!
The last 3 months have been fun working on personal projects, but it's time to get back to work. Im looking for creative collaborations starting around August. Interactive, branding, editorial, content creation, etc. etc.
I've been wanting to have my own blog/online mag of things I'm doing/thinking/etc. I'm feeling out some different names/ideas/etc and I've been liking 'Delta'. It's cryptic with several meanings, but I kind of like it that way... thoughts?
The site that Ari and I did is now up for SOTM as the top rated site from the month of June. Voting starts fresh for the SOTM, so your support is greatly appreciated!
Ari's folio wins SOTD on Awwwards.