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An independent art director and photographer (primarily) based
out of los angeles.

A collection of My Work as an interactive Art Director ± Designer from the last 10 years.

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my creative outlet entirely independent of external input that's slowly becoming more than a hobby.
07/28/19 — 10:29PM PST
Bay Area
on-site @apple through Sept
available in Oct/Nov
07/13/19 — 7:45AM PST
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Bay Area
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First photo essay
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I originally started shooting 15+ years ago, and gained admission to undergrad as a photography major. Two years in, I pivoted to design as the calls for rigid conformity in intro-level photo classes waned my interest, and I didn’t feel that I had the personality to slog it out as a commercial photographer.  As I then pursued my design career, photography fell off and I found myself with little spare time, and a focused intent on only furthering my design abilities. While I still love my career as a designer, the slog of working in a demanding client-service industry eventually started taking its toll, and I sought a creative outlet free of group-think, review cycles, client presentation, conversion rates, A-B testing, etc. etc. It's art vs. design, and all about retaining a truly uninhibited form of creative expression.

I'm continually looking to evolve and push my photos, and I'll know I've succeeded when I look back on previous work and see opportunities to improve it.  I've done exactly this with my designs, and I feel it has served me well to stave off stagnation. To further avoid stagnation, I have rigid terms on duration for licensing, and will only print 10 of any given image. I believe that commoditizing one's work to that extent cheapens it, and I'm only selling these images because I feel there is unique value to each of them. If I ultimately don't make money with this approach, its unfortunate insofar that photography isn't more self-sustaining and I can't spend more time doing it– but I'm ultimately fine with that. Regardless, I will still do what I love and go shoot as much as I can, and my desire to progress will push me to be better and someday make a living from it in some capacity. I think.

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Sony A7riii
Sony FE 16-35mm GM
Sony FE 24-70mm GM
Sony FE 70-200mm GM
Tamron SP 150-600mm
Aquatech Elite Waterhousing
Ronin s Gimbal
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