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(What it is)
collections of (high-res) Original images, in themed packs for your mobile devices– new ones added periodically.
/ serf one /
Mobile Wallpapers
08/10/2020 4:45
Surf 001
/ teks shur won /
Mobile Wallpapers
Texture 001
/ teks shur tew /
Mobile Wallpapers
08/10/20 8:46
Texture 002
Sunset 001
(Images Included)
10 (per Pack)
(Image details)
1350px / 2400px
(Delivery Method)
Password protected Page
Direct Download
.ZIP File (OptionAl)
(optimized for)
IOS + Android devices
Maybe flip phones
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These wallpaper packs... well, they're packs of wallpapers for your cellular device. Each collection is put together based on various thematic through-lines. Each image is also typically available as a print.. so if there's any that you like, check the prints category for availability, or feel free to reach out.

I primarily put these out because I get a lot of requests for them, and I'm terrible about getting people images since my head is always in the clouds somewhere. (I still owe images all over town... some from 2 years ago. It's bad.) I've also had a lot of people want to support this creative endeavor of mine, but don't want a print, don't want to be on the hook for a Patreon sorta deal, or wouldn't mind something tangible in return. Well, hopefully this solves some of that, and if not– no worries. I really do appreciate the support, and hopefully these will offset some of my costs to create this work, but I'll be fine whether or not people actually download these.

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If you're curious about how the process of getting the wallpapers to work on your device, here's the basic process:

Purchase the wallpaper pack
Open the email containing the download link
Click the link to the downloads page
Enter the PAssword
Save the images to your phone
Set as Wallpaper
Tell everyone about it.

This process may change as I will continue to look for ways to make this better. Unfortunately there isn't a native way to download sets of images on a mobile device... so I understand its seems a little painful right now, but the list looks worse than it is.

Once you have the images, there will also be step-by-step instructions on the downloads page for both iOS and Android. If you also want to download the image to your desktop, and then transfer the images to your phone from there, there will be instructions for that as well. Setting wallpapers is something I believe most people are already familiar with, but in the info I've collected doesn't suffice... ask a friend?

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You might still have some questions, so here's some answers that may help things along if you're not sure about something...

Can I share these images with others?

Please do not share these images with anyone. I understand there is nothing technically stopping you from doing it, but it would be appreciated if you didn't. Send them to this site instead to keep these going.

I don't see the shot I want as a wallpaper, can I request images for wallpapers?

Absolutely. I can't promise I can/will accommodate, but I am putting this together for others, and I don't pretend to have the greatest pulse on that at times.

Can I download these multiple times?

Sure, if you'd like– just keep them only on your devices.

I have a work and personal phone, can I put these on both?

You bet.

I can't figure out how to get the wallpapers working, what should I do?

Re-read the instructions, ask a friend, say a prayer? I don't think I'll have the bandwidth to offer installation support, so I don't want to suggest it as an option to getting this sorted out. You can try, and I'll respond if I have time... but I believe in you. You got this.

Are there any refunds?

The short answer is no, sorry. Once you have access to the download link, there's really no going back. If you feel you have just cause for a refund, I'd like to think I can be pretty fair, so please contact me and we'll get it sorted.