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(What it is)
An ambient showcase of my content— updated regularly in hd (+ it's free).
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(Does not automatically update at this point)
Donations help support development, hosting fees, and further content creation.
(High-level overview)
↳  Original imagery.
↳  ±400 high-res images.
↳  Updated often.
↳  Mac OS.
↳  Its free.
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Mac OS Only
10.13 or newer

This screensaver consists of a wide range of my photo work, displayed in HD. The repository of images it pulls from will be regularly updated with new work, and it will push dynamically to your device. In general I'm very protective of my work, but this screensaver uses encryption to protect my images from being pirated, so I can confident distribute high-res imagery.

Many people have only experienced my work in the diminutive form-factor that is Instagram™, so this also gives them a chance to see more. There will also be shots that just don't work on instagram, but will be found in the screensaver.

We also recently added the ability for you to control what categories you'd like to see. (Not everyone likes surfing as much as me, I get it). Here's a list of the current categories.

Black and White
Local (South Bay)
(Version 1.3.1)

A couple house keeping bugs with this one. The screensaver is fully compliant with Big Sur and M1 chipped Macs. A small by-product is that the screensaver will continue to show as you enter your password after being away (previous version would show system default images). Another big fix is the way random images are shown– the full catalog of images will play through before you see a repeat of an image.

(Version 1.2)

We added the ability for you to choose which categories you'd like to see. All images are now tagged, and you can control what you'd like to see. I have a penchant for dark and moody images, but maybe that not your thing. Or maybe you think surfing is dumb. Thats alright– you can create your own little safe space.

I also went through and re-edited ALL images. After doing some testing on various screens, it became clear there was some gross stuff going on with many of the images (odd color banding, odd coloration, over-saturation, weird contrast, and over-bearing grain). I do use the screensaver myself to regularly look at things to improve.. so there will be regular re-edits.

(Version 1.1)

A couple minor bug updates, nothing too major. Presentation is bare bones, but it works!


Enjoy the (JW.S) Screensaver? Please consider donating to my Patreon to further its development (done by my brother). I have a lot of ideas for ways to make this better/ more visually interesting, and a better experience for you, the user. There's only so much that can be done with regards to functionality... it is a screensaver after all.. but visually I think we can do some pretty cool stuff.

Beyond the time spend exporting, tagging, and uploading– there are costs associated with hosting this service. It's not breaking the bank, but its just another thing in a long list of services. So the screensaver will remain free, but as it scales, it might need to be more dependent on donations.