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(What it is)
A platform for knowledge sharing, chatting, providing feedback, or whatever else. Rambling and complaining thrown in for free.
(High-level overview)
Share insights.
Show creative process.
Communicate / connect with other creatives.
Shake my fist at clouds?
A diverse group of creators who passionately pursue creative growth.
After years of only taking from the collective creative community, this is my way to try to give back.
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What is it?

JW.S Live streams are live-streamed work sessions where I show and explain my creative process, as I'm doing it. While showing the process, I also am available via chat to take questions, offer feedback/insight,.. or really anything. Sometimes I have a clear purpose of a stream, sometimes I see it more as an 'office hours' approach where I'm available for whatever.

Below are things that I typically work on while streaming:

Web design ± development
Video color grading
Motion design
Music production
Type design
Art direction explorations
Learning new tools
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Why do it?

I agree, I'm not the most natural person to be in front of the lens, and I'm much more at home behind it. I'm extremely introverted, a bit awkward, and have a propensity to ramble. Trust me, I'm fully self-aware of my personal short-comings for such an endeavor.

That being said, I still think whatever personal cost comes with broadcasting my unfiltered-self is still worth it. As I've mentioned, I've really only taken from the collective creative community to this point... I've had great mentors throughout my career, learned a lot from various resources online, and gleaned a lot from other's knowledge sharing. In an effort to establish a more balanced equation, enter live streaming.

Am I the best person to be doing this? Prolly not, but why not...

Based on personality type– definitely not.
Being any sort of authority on anything– probably not.
Having 10 years of experience, and being entirely independent and free to say whatever– probably?
Experience in various creative fields– possibly?
Constantly exploring new things– sure?
Been through the grinder professionally– definitely.

I also feel like most everyone talking about their work/process also works hard to project a manicured version of themselves– this is not that. The struggle is real, and I think thats something that's relatable (and almost comforting) to a lot of people going through the same. The struggle is perpetual, and the creative process is rarely a straight-line.

This might be a less popular opinion, but I also feel like a lot of 'thought leaders' are talking the most but have the least to say. Many of them have all sort of ulterior motives for personal gain or self-edification, so is hard for me to take them seriously. I also think a lot of them have chosen a path away from the work, so they might not be the best at speaking to more technical

While the primary objective is to help others, I'd be lying if I didn't also see some benefit from this. It is obviously another channel for me to share my work, but I also benefit from formalizing my thoughts, and being able to connect with fellow creatives. Talking through what I normally do automatically forces me to think things through more thoroughly, and understand why I'm doing them vs just doing them. And as mentioned, it's great to connect with fellow creatives in a world that recently has become more siloed.

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Where it goes

I really don't know where it all goes. I'm on my 45th live stream since writing this, and I've already seen some unexpected growth and changes from more people following + watching live. There's been more convos/dialog live vs me working alone for VOD content (as was the case early on).. its very interesting. I'm thankful for everyone who sticks around, and I'm excited to see there's regular growth in the audience.

That being said, if you'd like to help inform/guide where it goes and when, below is a series of questions that would be super helpful in steering things.

In an effort to improve and guide the live steams ahead, feedback is very much appreciated.
If you enjoy the steam and would like to support further streams, please consider subscribing ± donating.
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How to Subscribe

Right now, I'm currently live-streaming on both Twitch and Youtube– and it might stay that way for a bit. While I started on streaming initially on YouTube because Twitch seemed more niche, I'm more inclined to make Twitch my home for streaming based on the community tools available there, and YouTube might become a home for more straight-forward technical videos... we'll see.

Just to be sure, why not subscribe to both channels. :)

There's also a discord channel I've created that will hopefully become a hub for communicating... it's a little quiet right now, but hopefully that'll change as I have more bandwidth to dedicate to it.