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A JW.S, multi-genre playlist of auditory inquest. Updated regularly. Spotify for now.
Some featured collaborations, across multiple mediums and skillsets. In no apparent order, and (hopefully) updated regularly.
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Varying syntheses of my photo, design and technology. Spanning digital products, productivity tools to personal experiments and exploration.
TV App™
TV App
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(What it is)
An TV app to passively augment your living space with original work from my catalog.
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Recommended to search for 'Jon Way' in the TV app store.
donations help support development, hosting fees, and keeping yours truly out shooting.
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↳  Original photography.
↳  ±400 high-res images.
↳  Updated often.
↳  Mac OS.
↳  Donation powered.
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±400 Images
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TV App Store
TVOS 12.0 or later
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So, What
is it?

Don't have enough room for a print? Don't want a print? Well, this app can turn your TV into a lot of prints. The app pulls from a repository of high-res images that is constantly being updated, and then pushed dynamically to the app.

This app consists of a wide range of my photo work, viewable in HD, and will be expanded upon semi-regularly. Most people experience my work in the diminutive form-factor that is Instagram™, so this will give a chance to see more details at a much larger scale. There's also some shots that just don't work on instagram, but will be found in the app.

At the moment, Apple doesn't allow third party apps to be set as screensavers– unfortunately you'll have to go into the app every time you want to use it. It's not ideal, but what can you do. If that ever changes, I assure you we'll start working on implementing that feature... don't hold your breath though.

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(Version 1.1)

After some initial bugs in 1.0, 1.1 fixes a few things.. thats it really. There's still an issue with aspect ratios... this drives me bananas, and hopefully is something we'll release an update for sooner than later.

As a side note, the TV app does not support the same categorization filtering that the screensaver does. It's a bit more of an undertaking in tvOS... if there's enough demand/Patreon support (ahem), we might be able to make this make this happen.