Lighthouse Expedition Pt. I
Keeping secrets, are you?

This is an excerpt from a broader trip through the PNW for a month. I boarded a ferry and explored an island for the day to discover a few lighthouses of interest along some fairly remote, and gloomy coastline. This was not a trip I was intending to make that day, but when you're dense enough to pack an expired passport, you learn to be flexible and roll with the punches. I've also always loved this style, but having recently seen The Lighthouse, its application to the series seemed appropriate.

On that subject, this is the first somewhat-cohesive series I've put together, and I'm finding it to be an interesting new challenge. Every print/insta shot is edited on an individual basis to get the most out of that singular shot, so any need for consistency has been irrelevant. There's also 100s of image behind any print image, that while might not be print-worthy, could be interesting as a piece in a broader narrative. As I explore my commercial viability, this will be a good on-going exercise to refine consistency across lighting scenarios, and to appreciate the more random/candid moments and details along the way.

There were also several lighthouses along this entire PNW trip, and I'm hoping in time to give those each a series–  no promises though.

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