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Los Angeles, CA
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My Works as an independent design director.
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× Experience
±15 years
× Age
× Title
Design Director
× Availability
March 2023
× Location
Los Angeles, CA
× Full-time?
If the fit is right.
× Favorite COlor
Black (of course)
× Hobbies
Video Games
One-man Studio
Design + Photo + More
Based out of los Angeles
One-man Studio
Design + Photo + More
Based out of los Angeles

The Studio of An independent Design Director with 15 years of experience combining thoughtful strategy with distinct design.

Available as a creative brand partner, or flex resource between developing my own catalog of products
High-level Intro
High-level Intro
High-level Intro
High-level Intro
High-level Intro
High-level Intro
High-level Intro
High-level Intro
[The High-level Intro]
Meaningful STrategy meets progressive design via ±15 years of hands-on experience across various creative fields.
I hate talking about myself, but i had to do it eventually I guess.
J\V.S is hybrid studio / brand / platform for myself, Jon Way. I'm an independent, multi-disciplinary Design Director focused on progressive output across several mediums, and verticals. I've got managerial experience, but still retain an executional focus. This mentality, and subsequently the contents of this site, are the by-product of a ceaseless pursuit of creative discomfort, and a grave fear of stagnation.

Professionally, I've had ±15 years experience of creative collaborations with a wide-range of companies, agencies and individuals. This list includes brands like Apple, Google, and Beats. Agencies like CTHDRL, Jam3, and Rare Volume. Individuals like Aristide Benoist and Ash Thorp. And more recently, I've been exploring various brand partnership models with Tavarua, DANC and Isoko.

At the moment, I'm prioritizing those long-term brand partnerships, with some availability for more focused projects such as product marketing, product design, e-comm, editorial work, and more.

After intensely focusing and investing in my own brand and platform, I have some availability to work on external projects. Please feel free to reach out if you have something that might be a good fit for us to work on together. I'm available for partnerships, consultation, product collaborations, and am open to coming in-house to build something together if the fit is right.

Regardless, I'm always keen to connect even if the timing isn't quite right yet to keep in touch.