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(What it is)
A multi-genre playlist of auditory inquest. Updated regularly. Spotify for now.
a divergent stream of my creative work... hopefully chronicling some sort of meaningful change / progression.
Introducing... HANGYAKU.
I finally launched my first product via kickstarter– a deck of premium playing cards, combining Midjourney's take on Japanese Ukiyo-e style art with modern design, to tell the story of hangyaku samurai.
Introducing... HANGYAKU.
Salvaging some work
Since a passion-project collab got scrapped, I've started working to salvage my work and repurpose it for some productive concept work. I've started live-streaming some of the process.
Booking collabs for August (+onward)
The last 3 months have been fun working on personal projects, but it's time to get back to work. Im looking for creative collaborations starting around August. Interactive, branding, editorial, content creation, etc. etc.
Blog/Mag branding: Delta?
I've been wanting to have my own blog/online mag of things I'm doing/thinking/etc. I'm feeling out some different names/ideas/etc and I've been liking 'Delta'. It's cryptic with several meanings, but I kind of like it that way... thoughts?
Old Off the Grid Exploration
An old exploration from an Off the Grid conference idea, circa 2019-ish.
Learning blender for new mock-ups.
Fear and loathing in Los Angeles.
Starting to collect/edit images for a Yosemite story on the new photo site.
Ari's folio wins SOTD on Awwwards.
New media site navigation explorations.
Working through some states/explorations for the upcoming media site with Mr. Ari.
New Images in TV/Screensaver
Last night I spent a couple hours on some new edits now that I'm back in Lightroom. Approx 10 images have been pushed to the JW.S Screensaver and TV App as of now.