Currently Expanding my freelance network, collaborating on passion projects, and looking to further utilize my photography.

I'm still pretty new to this whole freelance thing, and I'd love to establish a small network of people/companies/agencies with whom I collaborate with on a regular to semi-regular basis. I believe that continuity is an important (although not essential) ingredient to creating the best work. There's a certain level of honesty, trust and fluidity that serves as a healthy foundation to create the best work upon. This approach also keeps me designing more instead of writing emails, networking, selling myself, not getting paid by rando/unknown clients, etc. etc.


As I've gone freelance, I'm going to undoubtedly find myself with a lot of free time. In that free-time, while I'll be able to keep myself busy with my own projects, its fun to mix things up. In general, the people I hope to work with won't be decided based on budget, big audiences, or 'prestige'– I ultimately want to continue expanding my horizons. I really hope to work with people with different skill-sets to create an output we couldn't have achieved independently. How much of this work I can take on of course is going to be a balance I'll have to sort out, but I hope for this to be a substantial chunk of my time. At the end of the day, I'm ideally looking for projects that are with good people, sounds fun and I have an opportunity to positively influence design of the project.


I'm also actively seeking out a photo agency to help me expand my network, reach, and to facilitate photo-related projects (books, shows, etc). At the moment, the photo world is entirely new to me, so I have few connections and limited understanding of how it all works. That being said, I'm also not looking for representation to get commercial/client type work– photography is it's own independent thing that I want to keep from being compromised by 'clients'. My design is for others, my photography is art for myself (and whoever else happens to gain enjoyment out of it).

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