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Creative Direction
Art Direction
Lead Designer
UX Designer
Content Strategy

Site Redesign
Jan 2015

Bringing global brand growth through eCommerce.


We worked with their team to make a site that was globally scalable, address key pain-points in the purchase flow, create an immersive shopping experience, and properly tell their brand story. This was a project in which I led art direction, content strategy, production, QA, phase 2 ideation, etc. etc. While there was a great team around me to facilitate this, being able to own all aspects of design for a brand I held so dear still remains a great point of pride in my career. The results from the redesign also exceeded almost all KPIs by significant margins. And as a bonus, the site was won Site of the Day awards from Awwwards and FWA, and won E-Comm Site of the Year from Awwwards, and Pixel Awards (among a few others).