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Art Direction
UX Design
Content Strategy

Feb 2016

A quick set of art direction explorations for a Keen site redesign that exemplified the brands quirky personality and focus on exploration.


I helped to reimagine Keen's new site and how their e-commerce presence helped tell their brand story (and sell product). The brand is pretty quirky in their campaigns and product design– so the site should be no different. The art directions all relied on heavy use of doodles/art/color/texture, and allowed for moments that were purely brand moments... ones that really didn't serve any purpose other than to reinforce who they were at their core. The brand primarily creates products that enable exploration, so I wanted to use more subtle interactions to retain that spirit of exploration. This was achieved by using lifestyle content that contained subtle interactions and additional information– typically product information, or more info on the location for various photos. Ultimately, everything was about being authentic to their core audience and unapologetically project their vibe to the uninitiated.