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Creating and over-seeing various art directions to help introduce new products and services on dot com.
I've worked with Apple both as a full-time employee and more recently as an on-site contractor for the same interactive launch team within Marcom. Our focus is on introducing and educating potential customers on new products, services. etc on My responsibility are to create various visual concepts, and content strategies while collaborating/coordinating with other teams throughout. Unfortunately, I'm unable to further discuss my role at Apple, or publicly share any of my work done there. As you might imagine, Apple is very protective of its design work, and I’ve signed many NDAs that ensure I carry on that tradition. Apple is an on-going client of mine, and while I’m very proud of the work I’ve been able to create there, I don’t care to jeopardize the relationship by showing work that I shouldn’t have. If you you would like to view the work, please use the appropriate link below.
Art Direction
Design Lead
Product Launch Sites
Full Time + Freelance
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